Rooted in Christ


Building Address: 611 North Main Street, Newberg, OR, 97132

Mailing Address: 901 N. Brutscher Street #D103, Newberg, OR 97132


Worship with us on Sundays at 9:30 AM

Join us at Church of the Vine as we journey in the Anglican Way through the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. We pray that God meets you here amidst his people and in the riches of Anglican worship, a tradition that has a long history of providing fertile soil for a nourishing life with Christ.



Our Values


Proclaiming the Gospel

  • Sharing and demonstrating the good news of Jesus' love for the whole world with our words and in our lives.


    Cultivating Hospitality

    • Extending Jesus' generosity to others and pursuing life together in all of its ordinary splendor.

    • Attending to the needs of those on the margins and intentionally making space for them in our lives and communities. This commitment led to the formation of the Hillside Inn in 2014, which is a home of rest, healing, and growth for young adults (18 to 30 years old) in times of transition.

    • Embracing, and being shaped by, the distinctives of our neighbors and our place.


      Rooted in the Living Tradition

      • Living under the authority of Scripture and following in line with the deep story of the apostles and their teaching.

      • Christ-centered worship that meets God through Word and Sacrament.
      • Christian education in historic, orthodox, creedal faith.


      Celebrating Beauty

      • Pursuing, uncovering, and celebrating the grandeur of God in all of creation.
      • A haven for artists and makers who proclaim the Gospel in word and deed to the whole person, through all of the senses.

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